No resolution for me this year. This year it is an Evolution of my body, mind and spirit. I have always been a big fan of Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle…once again in my life I find myself needing to break out of this ho hum, feeling of drop my leaves and start fresh.

I have been exercising for four days, and today is the 5th. I am not going to push myself into a punishment or crisis mode. I am going to simply eat better. Exercise 20 mins a day. Twenty minutes is not that much time. I can do this. I have caught myself looking at the clock…has it been 20 minutes yet? I know it takes time to develop a habit. I can give myself at least 20 mins. each day. I used to love exercise, but somewhere it became a monster that lived in the closet.

I fed the monster. Exercise equipment, DVD’s, and recently apps have all helped to keep the monster in the closet. Now, the monster takes up the whole damn closet. There is not more room for coats or others things, just a big ball, pilates machine, weights of various sizes, bands that stretch, DVD’s.

Once this exercise (or I exorcise out my fat demon) takes hold into becoming a habit I will be healthy again. This year though it is not just about being healthy through exercise, but learning something new. Utilizing the Rosetta Stone I have installed on my Mac.

What about my spirit? I am Catholic! I really need to get to Mass. I enjoy going, but again…somewhere along the journey…going to Mass became a chore. Just like a child reluctant to do chores I hid. I want to enjoy life as I used to…I know that exercise can help! I studied Physical Education…I know all these things, but I have not utilized my knowledge in the best way I can.

This year for me it is about evolving into ME! Being the best person I can be. Not rushing out to buy more exercise equipment, DVD’s or apps. I already have all I need I just have to pull it out of the closet and use it.

This is my testament…Better me this year!