So, I said once the children go back to school that I was going to be doing cartwheels in the front yard. Well, I exaggerated a little.

Not only did I exercise finished loads of laundry, I even had time for a facial. This is mud from Italy! Swanky!

I am so not kidding about living it up, right now in fact I am drinking a cup of Chamomile while I write this to you. Almost forgot to tell you…I even practiced my Italian on Rosetta Stone, and got an 88%.

If you are trying to transform your life you may want to take a listen to the podcast of Renee Stephenson. She is the author of Inside Out Weight Loss. I just love listening to her while I fold clothes or make beds or do any of the other glamourous jobs that I encounter throughout the day.  Spark People is another great place to start to make changes, you have to want it though.

All of you have a great day! If you have any tips on transforming our lives in a positive manner. Please share!