We spent the day at Castello Di Amorosa. This is one of the many wineries in Napa Valley, CA. As many people know it is the dream of our family to have a vineyard, olive orchard and our Italian museum. One of the aspects of having a winery in a beautiful place is having a lure. Something that is going to get the people in the door. The Castle is different, and inviting. Idea was taken from a 12 Century Tuscan castle. It is 121,000 square feet. We actually only saw two floors. It is 17 bucks each adult and I think that the children were 7 bucks each. The Adults are allowed to taste test 5 different wines, and the children were given juice. I think for the 17 bucks we should get a better brochure. I get it though, it is expensive building such a beautiful place, and it is really nice. I loved all the photo opps.  I got with the children. There are even chickens and sheep outside to give it a more realistic feel.

The wine we tasted was good too, so overall I was pleased. I am sure that there are some great events that they have  to offer too. Could you imagine having your Prom there? WOW!