Just as the sun breaks through the fog in the Bay Area, I have broke through my own fog, in so many new ways. I have lost weight, and soon I will make my reveal to you all. I have been eating well along with exercise. Writing in my journal has also helped me see the patterns that I get into, and how I can self correct the old ways and make better ways for myself. One of the greatest gifts that I have had in my life has been listening to Renee Stephens I have been listening to her podcast for many years. If you need help in weight loss, give her a test listen. It will be worth your time.

Much of the time spent doing simple tasks around the house is also spent listening to Renee. Improving myself inside first has made so much sense. I was athletic for many years. Swimming, tennis, and bike riding were really a part of my life for so long. Once I had children things changed. My attitude about life changed. I needed a mental adjustment that Renee gave me. I mean…I am not an idiot! Physical Education was part of my college career. I have trained people, and taught every aquatic activity except SCUBA.

Many people of all walks of life can benefit from what Renee has to offer. Transform your Tuesday with Renee too!