This is one of the paintings that I own from artist Craig Nelson. I really enjoy his paintings… warm tones and an old world feeling to the painting. I admired this painting from a far for months before I purchased it. Every time I went to take a look at the gallery collection this one kept my attention so long. It has a special place in my home. As I decend the steps in the morning I see her from the second floor.

What about the woman in her home? I often ask myself several questions about the piece.  Well, her dress does not scream “field worker”, but her surrondings are simplistic. Is she sitting in the sun to take a break. Her dress is not party elegant, but it is pretty. The window reminds me of a basement window. What do you think? I love her hair, and it looks as though it is long.

Craig is not only a painter, but also teaches. I invite you to take a look at some of his other paintings. I am sure you will get lost in the paintings. Just a joy to behold.